What It Looks Like To Smoke Out Of A GameCube

We've been covering the GameCube-meets-e-Hookah "Vape Cube" for a while now, but in case you're wondering what it actually looks like to use one of these puppies, welp. Here ya go.

The Vape Cube used in the video above by Nebula Vaping is a wireless one — there's also a wired version. Both are out-of-commission GameCubes, though — so while you'll be able to smoke up, you won't be able to play anything. Sacrifices!

Vape Cube Clouds [Nebula Vaping]


    For tobacco only.... right? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

      The man you trusted wasn’t Wavy Gravy at all. And all this time I’ve been smoking harmless tobacco!

    So does Kotaku endorse smoking now? This isn't the first article that's been published promoting smoking and smoking-related products.

      I hate to bust your balls, but VAPOUR is not SMOKE, therefore VAPING is not SMOKING.

      The inhalation of hot resins is always bound to damage ones body, so perhaps this was the angle you were aiming for?

      It's not smoking it's vaporising, two very different things, the latter of which is harmless and does not necessarily mean tobacco or illicit drug use.

    Is there a problem with vaping? They mostly don't contain tobacco/tar/nicotine and in my opinion, are far less toxic than alcohol. I don't see people complain about links to 'Drinking Games for Gamers'...

      It depends what you are vaping - The large units were banned in Australia ten years ago because people were using them to vape drugs.

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