What Xbox One Trolling Looks Like

What Xbox One Trolling Looks Like

The Kinect isn’t always as responsive to voice commands as it needs to be — but if there’s one thing it always seems to pick up on, it’s when you tell it to sign out of your Xbox One. And that’s exactly what trolls like YouTuber video games try to take advantage of.

Basically, this troll gets online with a gamertag called “Xbox Sign 0ut,” and they try to make people say that gamertag in a rage. In games like Call of Duty, this scenario isn’t so hard to orchestrate: people scream all the time. Granted, most likely won’t fall for this trick, and if they do, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually sign out. Maybe the Xbox won’t catch it, or they won’t click through and finish the sign-out. It’s still entertaining to watch! With the exception of the stupid sexy laugh thing in here, that is.

Xbox One Sign Out Trolling


      • I don’t know. It sounds like any other girl’s laugh. Thinking it’s sexy by default makes the guy seem well… repressed and maybe a little lonely.

        • I re-ran it before I had even read the article or subtitle. Was appeasing to the ears. I suppose I should go and get castrated now.

    • I wanted to argue against it initially, but I cant lie to myself that I thought it was pretty accurate.
      We’re just a bunch of dumb animals really.


      Sorry, the Twitch chat from AVGDF is starting to corrupt me.

  • I thought Xbox One trolling in CoD would be to muffle the reciever on the Kinect and then shout “Xbox Off!” into the mic.

    Probably don’t even need to muffle, if you’re just trolling you don’t care yourself.

  • Hehe, that’s funny.
    A bit disturbing how many little kids are playing Call of Duty though! What the hell are their parents doing??

      • Worse, letting xbox CoD players raise their kids. That’s going to be a well adjusted generation. Looking forward to that.

        Sent from my iBunker

    • I’m not sure with ghosts but some some of the COD’s multiplayer is rated G, that’s why you could Lan MW2 like at my local Harvey Norman but you weren’t allowed to lan halo in a public place for example.

  • there is actually a better one… but i dunno if should post it… something that would annoying people during the game that doesn’t require confirmation

  • Sigh… I know kinect is meant to be ‘the way of the future’ but these guys clearly have the controller in their hands, just press the damn button!

  • How many of those kids are even of the age that they should be playing this game… After being exposed to these multiplayer games i would never let my kid play them, not because of the violence but the disgusting behaviour of other users…

  • As soon as I read the complaint about the ‘sexy laugh’ comment, I scrolled up to confirm my suspicions that this article must have been by Patricia.

    What is the issue here with commenting on her laugh, really? Is this really setting women back? I expect the answer is “…it reduces her to nothing but a sexual object, her only defining feature being her laugh. She is only notable due to her laugh causing the creator to become aroused…” etc.

    A few years ago it would have been nice for a guy to describe a woman’s laugh or smile as “sexy” rather than her arse or tits, but now it’s apparently crossing one of Patricia’s PC lines. Why not just castrate the lot of us, Patricia, and get it over with?

    • it’s because there’s no need to mention it – other guys laughed, yet there wasn’t a “sexy laugh” mention for them? Is it blatantly demeaning and offensive sexism? Not really, but is it something that’s sexist because it’s entirely unnecessary to mention? Sure is. It’s offensive because saying her voice (and she’s the only girl, btw) is “sexy” has no effect or weight to what’s going on. If he commented that one of the voices was “funny black guy laugh” it would’ve been deemed racist.

  • When people refuse to work as a team, i refuse to use the headstmic/kinect. Lone wolf is best at this point.

  • Man, this is pretty impressive. Back in my day our fun was telling people to hit Alt-F4 to do things. The number of people that said it amazes me, though I think a couple were just playing along.

  • Reminds me of the launch of new Outlook and for some bizarre reason, it never occurred to Microsoft to reserve handles like ‘donotreply.’

  • Now that was quite humorous.
    I’m not sure if this article is what I’d call ‘journalism’ but sure, I reckon it’s quite funny.
    Rather clever.

  • That’s awesome. Most of them were really good natured about it though. I expected a lot of abuse hurled at the troll. My favourite part though is everyone screaming “Stop listening!”

  • Those ten-year-old sounding kids, though. That’s what you get for playing CoD, children.

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