What’s The Best Game Engine For Crashing Cars?

YouTuber jaimswallace took it upon himself to compare the two most impressive in-development driving game engines out there: BeamNG, and the engine powering Bugbear Entertainment’s Next Car Game. He did this by… making a music video, essentially. With lots of car crashes.

Of course, keep in mind that both engines are in alpha, so they’re very far from done. Still, those are some impressive damage physics. Which one do you prefer? Or perhaps you know a game that’s already out, and has even more amazing crash physics — in any case, we’d love for you to chime in below.

BeamNG VS Next Car Game [jaimswallace@YouTube, via DSOGaming]


  • I actually like the damage system from 1NSANE, where you could absolutely mangle the body of the car and the wheels would still turn. Sandbox mode was basically a challenge to se how mcuh damage you could do and still get it moving.

    • Yeah, I only ever had the demo, but I played the fuck out of it. We even milked it by trying to get through an entire race in first place with out smashing the little dude out of the windscreen. No one ever succeeded.

  • BeamNG walks all over Bugbear’s efforts. Next Car Game seems to have predefined crash models depending on what angle it hits at whereas BeamNG is actually modeling the crash, pretty awesome how you can see the ripple effect along the whole car when its a head on crash.

    • BeamNG uses a soft-body physics engine, NCG uses [like most games] a rigid-body engine, which greatly reduces the computational effort required, but produces a “good enough” approximation of reality.
      Sure, beamNG shows you can implement full soft-body simulation, but the computation requires wouldn’t leave enough left for the rest of the game [this is changing, however]. It’s also more development, testing and complexity which to produce something 99% of the people playing the game don’t care about [again, this is changing :p]

  • Interesting that the ‘Next Car Game’ one doesn’t damage the existing panels, rather it removes them and replaces them with broken panels (seen in the slow-mo ones).
    I like the white one better I think.

  • gta4 is better than gta5 for damage.

    5 is more predefined, where as 4 seems more “soft”.

    beamNG is great, i got the alpha, played it at work for hours and hours.

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