When Dance Parties In Skyrim Go Too Far

With enough mods, anything in Skyrim can get out of hand, really. Here's salty0range with a bizarre collection of mods, like the recently highlighted train-dragon one, which all come together in a glorious armageddon dance party (which starts sometime at the 1:40 mark, for those of you who are inpatient).

One can only hope that the real end of the world is half as funny as this.

Skyrim: You Can (not) Mod [salty0range via Kernel Mag]


    Patricia, I am worried about your mental health status. Something is clearly wrong with you...

    I was laughing the entire way through. My lungs hurt.

    Who needs mushrooms? Totally tripping balls after this.

    I think I went to a party exactly like this during my drug experimentation years...........the next morning was not a good morning.

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