While You Were Sleeping

Welcome back everyone! And Welcome to the first While You Were Sleeping of the year. How was your holiday? What news did you miss? All pertinent questions! But let's focus on the news part.

I'm a little biased — because Joab Gilroy is a good friend of mine — but I think this DayZ video was my favourite thing in video games during the last week. It's the friendliest DayZ robbery you'll ever see, gloriously captured on video.

The crazy thing is: of all my friends, Joab is probably the least likely person I know to be nice about this sort of thing. I think that's what's so great about this. The crazy juxtaposition between what should be happening and what is happening.

I love this article because it's stupid but it's so right about so many things! It doesn't even need to be explained! It's pure magical genius. This is video game controller buttons ranked.

Here is a great interview (is there any other kind) with Gabe Newell, this is the story of a man naming his baby daughter for a Mass Effect character, and Aussie studio Tantalus is looking for coders for its next big next-gen Wii U game.

In Short The friendliest DayZ Robbery I've Ever Seen A Father Says His Baby Daughter Was Named For A Mass Effect Character Video Game Controller Buttons Ranked Aussie Studio Tantalus Is Looking For Coders For AAA Next-Gen Wii U Game Check Out This Interview With Gabe Newell


    love the picture to the article, reminds me to take some of my son before its too late

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