While You Were Sleeping

Dear Diary. Last night baby thought it would be fun to be awake from 3am till 6am. It was not fun. Love Mark. Welcome to While You Were... ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Think about everything you click on during a work day, or even just on a quick blitz through your favourite sites. It's a lot of things. This guy did something cool. Every time he clicked on something he programmed his computer to take a screenshot. Then he made a video of everything he clicked on in one day!

Hey DayZ managed to get 1 million sales already. A pretty stellar result. To celebrate there was a huge arse zombie dance party. You should check it out and (possibly) get down to the boogie the beat.

This couple is like the goddamn Bonnie and Clyde of gaming: they attempted to fund their gaming habit by robbing other gamers. This is an illegal Braid clone, but you have to admit... it's pretty damn cute.

And finally this artist managed to turn the hobbit book into a paper sculpture of Smaug. We wants it.

In Short A Video Showing Everything A Mouse Clicks On In A Single Day Braid Clone Is Illegal But Also Kinda Cute Zombies Throw Dance Party To Celebrate 1,000,000 DayZ Survivors Artist Turns The Hobbit Book Into Paper Sculture Of Smaug Young Couple Funded Gaming Habit By Robbing Gamers


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