While You Were Sleeping

Hey, welcome to the weekend. Almost. Listen to this statistic. If you're in your 20s, you probably only have about 3000 weekends left in your life. Yep. Life is short. Now that you're all depressed, let's talk video game news!

The PlayStation 4 hasn't launch in Japan yet. Crazy, right? Usually it's the opposite of this. Japan gets things first and we have to wait like chumps. Anyway the folks in Japan were polled about the PS4 and these were the results. This is what Japan thinks of the console.

And speaking of the launch in Japan — Drive Club isn't going to make it in time. When is that game coming out? And why was it delayed?

Minecraft is a glorious thing. Fans of Miyazaki will love this: it's Spirited Away remade entirely in Minecraft.

Erm, this girl is cosplaying. With a goddamn bear. Whoa. And this has nothing to do with games, but check it out regardless: the true stories behind some of your favourite songs!

In Short One Thousand Japanese Gamers Polled About The PS4 Driveclub Delayed. Won't ake The PS4 Launch In Japan The True Stories Behind Some Of Your Favourite Songs Cosplaying With A Bear You Gotta Be Brave Miyazaki's Spirited Away Remade Entirely In Minecraft


    Thanks Mark, i was feeling good until i learned i only have around 1700 weekends left :'(

      Yeah, it's a fair bit less than 3000 when you're in your 30s. :(


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