While You Were Sleeping

It's Monday. You know the drill. Talk about Mondays, how you hate them, blah blah blah. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping! We talk about video game news. Let's boogie.

Survival horror. It's not really a thing any more really, is it? Dead Space was great, but its sequels went down a 'shooty' path and never really came back. Resident Evil 4 shifted things up and made the series more action packed. But have they gone too far? I'd argue yes. The creators of Alien: Isolation might agree with me.

Speaking of survival: these photographs from the frontlines of DayZ are really something else. DayZ isn't really a beautiful game, but there's something about it. These pics are great.

EA Sports UFC 2014. It's actually one of my most anticipated games of the year. Nothing in the way of gameplay here, but here are some cool screenshots of some of the newly announced fighters on the roster.

Resident Kotaku sleuth Superannuation discusses what Harmonix are working on, and apparently the trademark for Star Wars 1313 has been abandoned. That makes me feel a little sad.

In Short Here Are The Faces Of EA Sports UFC 2014 The Trademark For Star Wars 1313 Has Been Abandoned Resident Evil, Dead Space Are Couple Of Degrees Away From Being Gears Of War Photos From The Frontlines Of DayZ Mystery Games From The Makers Of Rock Band


    I love Mondays. Mainly because I don't work Mondays.

    Tuesdays can go to hell.

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