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This is kind of a strange pairing of stories. First we have the inevitable erotic Metal Gear Solid V figurine, complete with um... barely any clothes whatsoever and gratuitous nudity and whatnot. Then on the opposite side we have this cosplay which shows that women can look sensible in armour after all!

I choose to believe that Kojima has his reasons with this one. Looking forward to seeing precisely what's going on there.

This is crazy. Real time digital retouching. People are being made to look pretty as the video is running! What chance do us mere mortals have. Are we doomed to watch TV forever and feel bad about our terrible skin? Is this our curse?

Still impressive technology. Very impressive.

What else do we have? Well there's the shopping mall that burned down as an employee played video games. Wow.

And this Adventure Time art does a little crossover with Attack On Titan.

In Short Real Time Digital Retouching Looks Mental Mall Burns Down As Employee Plays Video Games The Inevitable Erotic Metal Gear Solid V Figure Reminder: Women Can Look Sensible In Armour After All I'm Not Sure If It's The Best Adventure Time Fan Art I've Seen Or The Best Attack On Titan Fan Art


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