While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! I'm working from home today and it certainly has its advantages. You don't want to know what I'm wearing right now. You just don't want to know. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. This is the news you might have missed overnight!

Virtual Reality: it's going to be better than real life. That idea both entices and terrifies me. But that's what one indie developer stated about his time Steam Dev days. You can read more here.

Dark Souls. People are really, really talking about it these days. I wonder why that is? Anyway this is an example of why Dark Souls' design is the way it is. I really really like this quote, it's emblematic of the creative process of that wonderful game.

What else? Capcom is still trying to make amends for its terrible port of Resident Evil 4. And despite what you may think of Call of Duty, at least their commercials are still a heap of fun!

Finally, this is good. That shifty Xbox One YouTube promotional scheme now requires full disclosure. That's a step in the right direction I suppose.

In Short Virtual Reality Really Is Going To Take Over The World Sketchy Xbox One YouTube Promo Plan Now Requires Full Disclosure It Doesn't Get More Dark Souls Than This At Least Call Of Duty's Commercials Are Still Fun Capcom Trying To Make Amends For One Of The Worst PC Ports Ever


    It's all good Mark. I'm pretty sure we're all wearing the same thing when we read your articles anyway =P

    Can't help reading Serrels' posts in a Scottish accent.

    I get one day a week to work from home, and it is the BEST.

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