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China just technically legalised the sale of home consoles. Now there are Chinese companies making their own consoles. This should be interesting. TCL (you might have seen their TVs doing the rounds) are creating a console that is (apparently) comparable to the Xbox. Who knows which Xbox they are talking about.

So GIFs. I love them. I can't believe there's going to be an Academy Awards for GIFs, but I think it's long overdue! And while we're at it — this is what happens when game glitches become nightmare fuel.

Good news: Titanfall is going to have a beta on both the Xbox One and PC! Hurray. And finally, this video asks what makes Star Fox So so brilliant. It just is okay!

In Short China Is Getting A Brand New Video Game Console The Academy Awards Of GIFs Should Be A Good Time When Game Glitches Become Nightmare Fuel Titanfall Is Going To Have A Beta On Both Xbox One And PC Video Asks: What Makes Star Fox So Brilliant?


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