While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. It's Thursday. I actually really like Thursdays for some reason. I've no idea why. I just like the sound of the word 'Thursday'. This is what you missed overnight!

Actually, you didn't miss too much. I thought this was interesting: a new Dreamcast game was released this week. That's sort of insane.

What else? Well this Rust game seems to pretty hardcore. This little clip is hilarious. It seems like shooting someone in this video game actually freaks out the shooter himself. That's kinda cool.

Apparently the Colbert Report was totally ripped off by a Chinese TV show, and someone is recreating Middle Earth on a one-to-one scale. That's insanity. I defy someone to walk across that dull, boring landscape. (Hi Frodo and Sam!)

Finally, check out how one beautiful video game sword became a beautiful real sword.

In Short A New Dreamcast Game Was Released This Week Middle Earth Is Being Recreated On A One-To-One Scale Beautiful Video Game Sword Becomes Beautiful Real Sword Dayshot: Shooting Someone In Rust Freaks Out The Shooter Himself The Colbert Report Was Ripped Off By A Chinese TV Show


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