While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! It's Friday and it's time for the last While You Were Sleeping of the week. What happened? Stuff happened and you need to know about it before you get back to the grind!

There's a bit of an 80s theme going on, which is a positive. First we have the game that helps you live out all your 80s mech combat fantasies in a PC shooter. Then we have actual 80s games based on mo vies placed directly alongside the movies they were based on... if that makes sense. It's kind of cool to see precisely how they were interpreted using all that limited technology and whatnot.

There's a lot of role switching and whatnot. We're used to seeing Minecraft used to recreate things that feature in other games, that's sort of an everyday occurrence now. But what if someone used another game to try and recreate Minecraft? Is that possible? Project Spark says YES. It also has a cow.

This is proof that a real life batarang would be awesome, and this is a picture that shows precisely how much Metal Gear Solid has changed over the years.

In Short Live Out Your 80s Mech Combat Fantasies With A PC Shooter How Metal Gear Solid Has Changed In A Single Image Someone Made Minecraft In Project Spark Complete With Cow Proof, As If You Needed It, That Real Life Batarangs Would Be Awesome Let's Compare Old Video Game Scenes With Their Movie Counterparts


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