Xbox Customer Support: No. 1 Among Baseball Fans

Xbox Customer Support: No. 1 Among Baseball Fans

Screenshot via T.J. Lauerman.(Original tweet here)


  • Oh man, zing. It’s funny how people take for granted that corporations are faceless brick walls against which you can hurl as much sass and abuse as you want. So when they snipe back with expert aim it’s always a laugh. I bet the people who man these accounts spend their days resisting the urge to obliterate offensive tweeters.

    • Louis C.K. puts it best how the internet takes away our ability to recognise facial reactions which prevents us from feeling empathy. Many people just do nothing but bitch on the internet to make themselves feel good. Hell, I just stopped a two month break from the Halo Waypoint forums and one of the first comments I made was already violently attacked by someone with a grudge.

      • I only go there to dump on Halo just for laughs. Whipping H4 apologists into a frenzy is like shooting fish in a barrel.

        • It’s not even the H4 apologists that get the most angry over the franchise. It’s the people who obviously will never be happy with another Halo game, even if the developers did what they asked completely 100% to the letter.

          My favourite comments are when people say I ruined Halo. I even got that from Krustypigeon once.

          • I don’t know, something like that. It’s mainly just a weak insult.

            Which is funny because I’m on the side of people who think Halo 2 and the direction it took the franchise and community wasn’t as good as the original game and I would have to wait until ODST and Reach to get that feeling back.

            So, people who took the franchise away from me are angry at me for taking the franchise away from us both. Logic sound!

          • Ahhhh, I get you. I thought that people were under the impression you worked on Halo. You’re talking about the dumb things people say like “people like you ruined Halo”

      • Louis C.K is an obnoxious brat and you should feel bad for listening to anything that that pretentious w**ker has to say! >:(
        I kid, I kid 🙂

        • You said ‘that’ twice. Fixing your grammer proves me right and I win this argument by the power of strawmen.

          • It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to. You think PlimpyD is going to suck himeself?

          • I always get tripped up on that. It reads right (I think) but looks stupid. I guess it looks better maybe like, “that, that“. Thanks for fixing my grammar anyway, I’m always pleased when people go out of their way on the internet to further educate me when I make a slight mistake! 🙂

          • Haha, you got owned Neo, the upper hand you thought you had had had had little effect once you spelled a word wrong.

          • I’m sure that that that that I used in my sentence is that that that I intended to use. Oh, and we use fullstops at the end of our sentences, maybe you should take your own advice and go back to school.

          • Listen to this guy, he still thinks that that that that that original commentator wrote was correct. Your move =D

            Also, it’s ‘full stop’ 😉

            Edit: re your wink face, just in case your thought I was being serious when I told you to go back to school. I, too, assumed we were just having fun =D I love silly word and grammar games but I forget that the playful tone with which I write things does not transfer to text O_o

          • @shadow
            Hahaha, I think you and me share a similar sense of humour! I was having fun too and putting a bit of sass into every comment that I wrote (and read for that fact!), so don’t stress 🙂
            Also, I don’t think I can beat five “that’s” in a row, so I concede defeat! Well played sir, but next time I’m going to win! >:)

          • Oh yeah, i knew you were joking, I just thought you may have thought I was getting hot under the collar. I wish for a sarcasm font, it would save me from getting in trouble.

            And you could have said “no I was saying that that that that that that was in reference to was what I was talking about” and I think that’s gotta be the limit.

            I’m off to Google this strange phenomenon. I get off on this stuff. I used to travel as a part of my previous career and my colleagues and I would play silly games like blending famous names together (Frodo Baggins and Arnold Schwarzenegger = Fronald Baggenegger) or trying to insert a word into a sentence to render it illegible: “The arrow flew through the air like _____”. It’s surprising how many words become plausible if you stretch you imagination enough. It’s a tough sentence to break.

            Anyway, as you can imagine, we were total party animals, huh

          • @longjohn87
            Go jump back up your own mother you filthy swine rooter. You’re the scum of the earth and the bane of my existence. You’re personally what’s wrong with the world.

          • Man, if I wasn’t familiar with the commenting styles of @shadow and Liondrive as regulars, Poe’s law would’ve so been kicking in for me right now. 😛

          • @transientmind
            Poe’s Law? Nah mate, I just hate @longjohn87. Worst person in the world. I think less of him than the dirt on the bottom of my shoes. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire.
            I’m kidding longjohn87, please don’t hate me! 😀

          • @transientmind googling Poe’s law now, I feel so out of the loop.

            Wow, that’s really relevant to me. I really gotta get better at putting winks and emotes in just to make sure peopke understand my tone. I’ve learned in life that no matter how blatantly obvious you make a joke (online and offline), someone somewhere will take it seriously.

            I often have fun with this by going onto obviously fake YouTube videos, something like that beer ad where the guy’s tongue leaves his body and goes on an adventure, and write a post explaining why it is fake based on something logical like how the tongue would dry up without the saliva glands.

            Then I delight in the months, sometimes years that follow during which I’ll get notifications of people replying to me calling me the dumbest person ever.

            It never surprises me just how gullible people can be. I really should make a catalogue of my work. I’m quite proud of it.

            But yeah, I’ve gotten in trouble more than once by having someone misinterpret a joke I’ve made, you’d think I would have learned by now.

          • I’d be offended if all that was said was not true, unfortunately in this instance I am unable to play that card. Well played!

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