Xbox One Updates Will Make Important Stuff Easier To Find

Xbox One Updates Will Make Important Stuff Easier To Find

While Microsoft lies low at CES these days, Xbox’s Marc Whitten had a little chat with tech site Engadget, speaking about the kinds of things we can expect in the Xbox One’s first major update.

“The feedback we’ve gotten is pretty valid; some of the social stuff is hidden or harder to use than it was on the Xbox 360,” he says. “So you’re gonna see us come out with an update where, well, we’re going to fix those things.”

It’s a start! As is the promise that alongside the bigger seasonal changes there will also be smaller updates, presumably for minor technical and performance tweaks (we’ve already had one of those that improved menu sluggishness).

Xbox One’s first big update will address ‘the Live experience,’ expect streaming before E3 [Engadget]


  • I just want to stream music in the background while playing a game, that would make me pretty damned happy.

    • I want lots of cool updates but I totally agree!!! I want to be able to stream my own music from my NAS all while playing games. It’s not hard

      • You can get an app for your phone to pull your server info from your NAS then PlayTo it to your Xbox. You would still have to snap music though.

        • yeah that’s the issue, and everytime it changes tracks it snaps back to the music player and pauses your game, already use skifta to stream, works fine for videos of course!

          • I hadn’t tried it with music to be honest, I have an Xbox Music Pass anyway. Just use it to stream video.

        • Oh really, well what app would that be? I have an android phone

          And even though that is good it shouldn’t be that hard

  • I can honestly say I do like the XB1 but at the same time it OS is the biggest turd Microsoft have had the nerve to ship.

    In almost every possible way controlling things that was possible on the 360 is now harder to do or utterly gone from the XB1. The worst part is these were all things the 360 had over the ps3 like voice message, seamless private chat, regular messages, achievements general settings and simple navigation, the sheer volume of things I can no longer do on my Xb1 is almost rage inducing.

    With that said, once they do fix that and get all these things actually up and running and easy to use the overall experience should be far superior (though if they over crowd and destroy it like the 360 dashboard I will be even more annoyed). It is glaringly obvious and honestly insulting that the entire OS needed another 12 months in the oven and more than anything is saddens me because I can see the potential.

    Also it uses way too much power in standby and that actually pisses me off. Without the low power state turned on the Xbox 1 takes over a minute (1m 8s to be precise) to turn on and hit the dashboard compared with the 10 odd seconds it takes to relaunch my game that time is way too long but untill the standby power drops dramatically its not worth it. (XB1 uses 18w in standby which is insane, though less for us since our kinect doesn’t “listen for the “on” command”).

    • The thing that rages me so much is when you get an achievement it says “hold for details” so you hold the guide button and it takes you to a screen that shows the name of the achievement and you have to press A to show details. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I HOLD THE BUTTON IF I DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE ACHIEVEMENT WAS!!!!!!!!! Really, who wants to know the name of the achievement but not the rest? Why not just take you to the actual achievement?

      It’s lunacy.

      • I find it worse how inconsistent the “hold” is. Sometime i hold for 1/2 a second and it works other times i hold for 2 or 3 and it doesn’t work and as you stated you still need to press another button to actually look. It boggles the mind that a single person thought this was a good idea vs the 360 version.

        • What boggles my mind is the how the people who thought that would be a good idea were are able to perform simple tasks like bathing and getting dressed, let alone obtaining employment.

      • Yeah I have to chime in here. I have gone back to the Xbox 360 a few times to play something and I found it a relief.
        The achievements really are such a turd to get into and check and even the general layout of how they are presented seems to be unfinished and lazy.
        I just dont understand how the hell they let it get released. This is Microsoft, the company that has been making OS’s for bloody ages and it cant manage to make an awesome UI for their new gen Console. That is the one thing that should have been amazing about it. Especially with recent Sony UI being in my opinion not all that amazing.

        Drives me bonkers.

        • The achievements should be snappable like the party app. That way you could check your achievement without even pausing the game like you had to pause on the 360. That’d be a, y’know, improvement over the last generation, considering this was marketed as the next generation.

  • I’m worried. The party system is an abomination, a downgrade from an 8 year old platform. I’m worried they don’t know how to fix it, and that they’ll stick to their guns or make it worse. The old party system was a dream. The fact that it was balled up makes me worried they don’t even know how to fix it.

    • Don’t worry, they will fix all our issues. It might just take a little time. That’s one thing about Microsoft and consoles, they actually listen to the fans

  • App wise I hope they bring Weather, calendar and mail to the Xbox One to help it compete with smart TV’s.

  • I wonder if they will do anything with the Avatars, I don’t even know how to see my friends’s ones anymore and it was hard enough to try and find mine for the gamerpic.

    They seem to be a bit embarrassed about them now

    • Personally the only reason I ever gave a crap about my avatar was as my on screen image in Guitar Hero lol.

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