Xbox One Will Suit Japanese Rooms Just Fine (Apparently)

Xbox One Will Suit Japanese Rooms Just Fine (Apparently)

2014 is here. Seriously, when is the Xbox One coming out in Japan? Apparently there are some issues Microsoft needs to address first.

Microsoft has previously expressed their commitment to the Japanese market. However, with the complexities involved with different cultures, customs, standards and regulations, they have been hesitant to make any definite statements on a release date other than "2014". Now that we've entered that rather broad release window, Microsoft Japan spokesperson Takashi Sensui has stepped up and spoke with Weekly Famitsu to address Microsoft's Japan strategy.

One of the Xbox One's big sales points was that it would be a multi-media device that would be the one device you would need in your living room, and apparently Microsoft is already laying the groundwork in preparation for the console's integration with Japanese TV and broadcast devices. "We are already in talks with Japanese device makers and content providers." Sensui stated. "Cooperation with Japanese partner businesses is extremely important for Xbox One."

Another major cultural setback is the fact that free space is one of Japan's most precious and scarce commodities. The original Kinect for the Xbox 360 ran into problems in Japanese homes with players unable to get far enough away from the device for it to function properly. A writer from Kotaku's sister site, Kotaku Japan, even had to rearrange his room to get it to work.

With the Kinect being a vital component of the Xbox One, Microsoft has taken steps to assure that the eyes of the console would not be hampered by the snug conditions in Japanese homes. "One of the hurdles we recognised in releasing the original Kinect [in Japan] was the living space in Japanese homes and background noises and vibrations." Sensui remarked. "These problems have been resolved." Sensui also noted that the Kinect would be included with every Xbox One for Japan (no Kinect-less versions).

As for the major issues on everyone's mind of the release date and Japanese price tag, Sensui remained tight-lipped, but stated that Microsoft is "planning an opportunity in the near future to explain the details of [Microsoft's] Japanese market strategy." Let's hope it's real soon. With the PS4 release next month, it's beginning to feel like a race between the tortoise and the hare... Except the hare is winning.

ファミ通.com [ファミ通.com] [コラム]いまさらだけど…狭い我が家にキネクトがやってきたので部屋を模様替えしてみた [Kotaku Japan]


    When will Microsoft understand that Japan doesnt care about this All in One crap that they keep pushing.
    Hell, Japan will never, ever love the Xbox. They know its crap with their Tech smart heads. They love PS4 Long Time.

    The Japanese want games, games, games and more games. Its what they only care about. Of coarse the side stuff is great too. But its about games.

    This whole article showed us how out of touch MS are with The average gamer and consumer.
    MS are more concerned about getting the Multimedia functions working then getting games for Xbone.

    But MS will loose japan again.
    PS4 releases first in Japans, will have games for japanese market ready for launch and PS4 allready sold out of their 5th or 6th shipment. MS hasnt even sold halfway through their first shipment for japan.

    I call shit, I have 2-3 times as much room in front of my TV as most Japanese living areas I see in pictures, including the Kotaku Japan one above, and my Kinect can't see enough of my floor for me to be able to use Xbox Fitness.

    Last edited 17/01/14 8:29 pm

    I live in a 6-tatami apartment in Japan, which is pretty standard room size based on my apartment hunting (read: 2 and a bit metres x 3 and a bit metres). I have my TV at one end and the couch at the other, and judging by my 360 Kinect experience in Australia, single player would be ok. Two player with the old Kinect required much more room so I don't think it'd be possible. But I haven't played a new Kinect so I don't know if it's better in that regard.

    Not that Japanese people would buy an xbone anyway. Casual/fun gaming is Nintendo, hardcore/serious gaming is Playstation, that's all there is to it here.

    Last edited 18/01/14 4:17 am

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