Xbox Twitter Account Hacked By...Syrians

Xbox Twitter Account Hacked By...Syrians

The Syrian Electronic Army, ostensibly a political activist group, must have had some downtime over the weekend, because instead of going after political opponents of the Syrian leadership they went and hacked one of Xbox's Twitter accounts.

The company's Xbox Support account - which sounds like a rough place to work - was taken over for around 45 minutes over the weekend, The Drum reports. In that time, they posted a few "waz 'ere" style messages, along with links to the SEA's website.

I kid about downtime; the intrusion was part of a campaign against Microsoft sites, which has seen the company's News, Facebook and Skype accounts hacked as well.

Syrian Electronic Army targets Xbox Twitter account in latest hack [The Drum]


    Did they gain anything from doing this?
    Oh no, they posted a few tweets... on a secondary account that is used to help the community. If anything, it was probably a minor inconvenience to Microsoft.

      It wasn't just a Twitter account, they also hacked the official Microsoft blog and Skype's PR.

      Media attention, for one. Which is half the goal of these sorts of hacks, anyway, I suppose.

    Have no idea how but initially I somehow managed to think it read hacked by Saiyans....Now I just look like an idiot wearing all this orange.

    Last edited 13/01/14 5:50 pm

    Nothing interesting? Not even a "Kill the dictator" or "Free Syria"?

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