Yes, You Can Punch Birds In GTA V

Why would you want to punch a bird in GTA? Because it's both kind of difficult to do, and because it's funny, that's why.

Bird punching isn't the only thing that DefendTheHouse discovers is possible in GTA V in this mythbuster video. You can, for example, land a fighter jet upside down... assuming you have the skill to do so, of course!

Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters: Episode 10 [DefendTheHouse]


    Guys have you know that the GTA V is now available on Windows phone. For those who interested to know more check out

      jackson41, that's a MANUAL for the game, and it's been available for as long as GTA V has.

    I can only imagine the laughter from the DTH guys when he finally connected with the bird at the end,

      There was much laughter from me when Trevor connected too. Classic. GTA V is truly the game that keeps on giving.

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