You Can Now Play As Australia In Civilization V

We've just all enjoyed a nice Australia Day long weekend and if you've worked yourself into a terrifyingly jingoistic national fervour then boy-oh-boy do I have the mod for you! This is Australian Civilization: Colonialist Legacies and it lets you play as Australia in Civilization V.

You play as Sir Henry Parkes, the politician regarded as the Father of the Australian Federation. He has/had a very, very dense beard. According to the creators of the mod, Australia is a "tourism-focused civilization, with strong ties to the ocean".

Here are some of the features of the mod...

Boundless Plains to Share: Settlers found Puppeted cities. The first 3 coastal Cities founded gain free buildings that provide additional Food and Tourism as Australia progresses throughout the ages. Mines gain +2 Production after Railroad is researched.
Prime Minister: Australia's unique Great Writer, the Prime Minister will supply you with political quotes as Great Works that only Australia can produce. In addition, their mere rise to power will be enough to trigger a Golden Age!
Digger Infantry: Australia's unique Great War Infantry, the Digger Infantry performs exceptionally in desert and foreign combat and can quickly be recruited from your Workers in times of need. Doesn't obsolete at Plastics either.
Unique Australian Buildings (from the UA): Colonial Settlement (Classical), Mining Town (Renaissance), Refugee Programme (Modern), Tourism Department (Information).

Australia is the first of three planned expansions in this series. Apparently Canada is next and then Mexico.

Carn 'Straya you bloody ripper, etc.

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    Just in time for my kids to all go back to school..........I'm getting my civ on. Lucky for me the new school bus route goes right past my house so I don't have to worry about forgetting to pick them up like is did when civ4 was released....


    Although, the refugee programme does sound a little ominous... But good on 'em! I was looking for a strategy game to play over the next couple weeks, this might fit the bill.

      I suspect it refers to the programs which brought British and European immigrants over post WW2

        Oooh, good angle, I hadn't thought of that. They were welcomed immigrants, but I think they drew a lot of their immigrants from folks recommended by or coordinated through an international refugee organization. Gluh. High school social studies was such a long time ago...

        Either that or it could also be the vietnamese intact after the vietnam war. Or a combination of both without referencing either directly

      If it wasn't for the fact its in the modern era I'd think it might be shipping over the low income Irish people to escape the potato blight but that'd be more industrial era.

    For some reason when I play this, my Prime Minister's only political quote seems to be "stop the boats"...
    ... and now my Refugee Program is greyed out.....

    Alright, time to reload my last save.....

      You forgot the lack of a Science Minis... ermmm Advisor from the Senate!

    Only technology you can discover for the first 1500 years is a stick though.

      But that stick can then be turned into a pointy stick, a pointy throwing stick, a returnable throwing stick, a wind instrument etc.

      Stick technology is underrated.

        I prefer the term "Stick tech"

      And even then, you can't fight anyone. The only option you have is pacifism. Then in the 20th century onward, you get passive-aggressive policies.

    My first order of bidniz will be to ensure our esteemed PM, Rupert Murdoch, Kyle Sandilands, Ray Hadley, Alan Jones, Eddie McGuire, Gina The Rinehutt, Kochie & Karl, Steve Price, fucking Andrew Bolt and Campbell Newman are never born by ensuring their family trees are stumps the very second I begin.

    So sayeth Emperor Daryl Summers I.

      Dilemma: do you include Matthew Newton on that list in the knowledge that you'll also be smiting Bert?

        Nah, you just secretely inoculate Bert with a serum that makes his children immune to the glorious effects of cocaine. Because Matthew Newton's past 10 years = cocaine.

    I wonder if the Indigenous people will have roles in this mod, and if so, in what capacity...

    "Refugee program"

    Annual cost: $600M and -10 happiness and -10 culture in all cities
    Other nations less likely to like you
    Spontaneously generates barbarian units to the west of large cities

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