You Can Now Vote On Which Indie Games Square Enix Will Support

You Can Now Vote On Which Indie Games Square Enix Will Support

The first part of Square Enix's new indie Collective program is live today, and you can already start voting on the games you'd like brought to life. There are three games in the first batch: an adventure game called Moon Hunters (Kitfox Games), an action-RPG called World War Machine (Tuque Games), and what appears to be a collection of artistic mini-games called Game of Glens (Ruffian Games).

You can check out the website right here. The voting will go on for the next few weeks, and you have to register with Square Enix if you want a say.

Whichever projects get fan approval will be placed on Indiegogo for a crowdfunding campaign later this year. Square Enix says they'll be supporting those games as well. "Projects which successfully raise funds may also find support from Square Enix through the development process, and assistance in distributing the final project across leading digital channels once completed," they write.

In October, Square said they would be opening up some of Eidos's old franchises as part of this new Collective program. Later pitches might involve some of those old properties like Anachronox.


    Post apocalyptic robots with guns..........was there really a choice??

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