​Hey, You Can Play Some Of The Best Indie Games Right Now

 Hey, You Can Play Some Of The Best Indie Games Right Now

Soon, there will be a glorious deathmatch to decide the cream of the crop from 2013's independently developed video games. That's because the Independent Games Festival just announced its nominees for the awards that they give out annually to the most accomplished indie titles. Some of them aren't out yet. But others are. Here's how you can play the games vying to be the best of the best.

Maybe you've heard the buzz about Jazzpunk, The Stanley Parable or Papers, Please. Maybe all of those names are totally new to you. But, chances are, if a game's made its way to the nominee list for the IGF's Seumas McNally Grand Prize, it's a pretty special experience that you should try. (Check out what Kotaku has written about The Stanley Parable, Don't Starve, Jazzpunk, Papers, Please and Device 6.)

Most of the Grand Prize nominees can be played right now. Here's where you can find them:


    Here’s where you can find them: then blank.

      Join us on a journey thorough your imagination. imagionaaaaation. imagionaaatioannnn imag i nai nai tionnnn.

    Or, a much better list than my other reply is in the original US site's article: http://kotaku.com/you-can-play-some-of-the-best-indie-games-right-now-1496562460

    ED: This post doesn't make a huge amount of sense whilst my first reply I reference here is under moderation *headdesk

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    "Here's where you can find them." Aaaaand it's gone.

    While this is getting attention... any indie local multiplayer games? All this SteamOS, Steam sales business has kicked off my pc gaming again. So I've resurrected an old pc and bought a bunch of games.

    I've just got my 4 xbox controllers all hooked up to the pc now so I'm wondering if you guys could suggest some good multiplayer games? I've got a bunch of guys coming round on the weekend to drink beer and play games. We're after more vs then Coop games though. Play a fair bit of Speed Runners and Hidden in Plain sight on Xbox Indie games. And have fond memories of Liero about 10 years ago!

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