You Can Sink Los Santos With GTA V's Game-Changing Mod

You Can Sink Los Santos With GTA V's Game-Changing Mod

Who says you need a PC version of a game to get fantastic mods? Because this is the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V, and it's so different it may as well be an all-new game.

Made by Bushigan, it requires a modded PS3 (because you need to move some files around), but once that's done you can sink Los Santos. And drive around the state in a submarine, whispering BioShock quotes the whole time.

Here's two videos showing the mod in action. If you qualify to run it, you're going to want to bring a wetsuit.

[GTA 5/CFW] Tsunami Mod by Bushigan +Download [YouTube]

Gta 5 - Tsunami Mod - Submarine [YouTube]


    Sorry, but you lost and needing a MODED, and there for, illegal PS3 to do it.

      It's not illegal to mod your ps3, just against TOS.

        Actually, properly formatted Terms of Service are legally binding agreements that can be enforced in the courts as a civil case. Sony in particular has gone after modded consoles in the past with success. You also can't legally mod game files without permission as that violates the game EULA, which is also a legally binding agreement.

        Modifying consoles is also covered by the criminal code in several countries, including Canada.

        Last edited 28/01/14 8:07 am

          The precedent was already set during the ps2 era when sony tried to sue a guy that installed modchips and lost. aslong as they still reigon lock shit (they don't with games but they still do with movies and ps1 game backwards comparability) then modding is fine under the law, its only illegal when its ONLY purpose is piracy. this is not canada.

            Indeed, this is not Canada, but we have more recent legal precedent from Sony's 2010 lawsuit against four modchip sellers (note this is during the PS3 generation). The federal court affirmed that the import, sale, provision, installation or to 'otherwise deal with' modchips is under injunction. The injunction is permanent and names John/Jane Doe as respondents, meaning it applies nationally, not just to the named respondents.

            It basically means you cannot obtain or install a mod chip in Australia without having participated in illegal activity.

            Last edited 28/01/14 3:28 pm

    Gonna do this to mine, i think it would be fun, will have to make a backup of the file

    Looks like alot of fun, too bad it cant just be a cheat.

    This reminds me a little of the mod Desert IV, makes Liberty City in GTA 4 a giant sandpit. Literally.

    I remember doing something very similar with a water level tool for San Andreas on PC. Being able to cruise through Ganton/Grove Street on a boat was a lot of fun!

    Looks amazing. Now make a mod where you drain all the oceans so we can take dirt-bikes across the dry sea-bed.

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