You Will Believe A BMX Bike Can Fly -- A Long Way -- In Grand Theft Auto

Weirdo physics have been a part of BMX bicycle operation in Grand Theft Auto V since its release, but in Grand Theft Auto Online it's taken on a new dimension lately.

Not only do you soar in moon gravity off Mt. Chiliad, you can even ascend, as this video — one of dozens uploaded over the past four days to YouTube — illustrates.

Basically, you have to ramp the bike off a very, very high point and then lean all the way back. You then "fly" the bike, not necessarily like parachuting but sort of like a plane without the tail. As you can see in this video, this glide isn't even the longest among the three guys who were playing together.

GTA V Online My Best and Longest BMX Flight! [Doctor Typ0 on YouTube]


    You're going to make Skate jealous with those physics..

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