Your Daily Reminder That The Holiday Steam Sale Is Awesome/Ridiculous/Terrifying

Depending on your current financial situation, feel free to strike out any two of the above three adjectives.

I rarely play games on my Mac, but this always happens. I think, 'oh Steam sale', I should check it, see if there's anything worth posting on Kotaku.

Newsflash: there always is.

Step two of this process always involves me buying a game that I'll never play just because it's cheap. Or calling Kotaku designer Ben White to tell him to 'BUY GAME X DUDE, IT'S ON SALE YOU'LL LOVE IT'. Occasionally I'll just gift him the thing, which is even worse (for me).

Today my damage was limited. I bought VVVVVV for 49 cents because, come on! It's 49 cents!

But man, there's a lot of good stuff on there at the moment.

Mark of the Ninja for $2.99 is just stupid.

Rayman Legends is $17.46 and it's very good.

Just Cause 2 is $2.99. LOL. That's literally the only way I can express how I feel about that.

So yeah, a lot of good stuff up today. What has everyone bought so far?


    Is steam down for anyone else? i cant load the website or log into steam.

      Yeah it's not working for me either - must have put up another game for free.

        Clicked on the support page and its disabled due to high traffic.

        "Steam Support is currently unavailable due to high traffic. We have done this to free up server resouces to allow our support represenatives to respond to existing tickets. Once traffic returns to normal levels, we will turn the support site back on for all users."

      Yeah its down for me as well :/ I was looking forward to purchasing Magic The Gathering Duel of the Planes-walkers 2014 for like 6.50

        I was interested in that too, but 2014 looks a lot more booster-packy than the previous couple, and the boosters are NOT on sale. :P

      Looks like things are back up but the checkout system is down. Can't add things to the cart just this moment.

        The store website is up, but i still cant log into steam.

        That's probably for the best - wallets everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

    A ton of dlc: Payday 2 dlc, XCOM: Enemy Unknown dlc, Civ V, magic, etc.

    It's a shame that the usual wealth of indie games that normally make Steam Sales insane seem to have fallen by the wayside in favour of Early Access games.

    This is only really a problem for me because most of the big name titles that are on sale are either already in my Steam library or of little interest.

    yep missed out on vvvvvvvvvv for 49 cents because I couldn't log in on 3 different browsers and on mobile apps

    I'd like to point out that The Walking Dead Season 2 probably wont be this cheap again until after the season is finished (that could be 6-8 months). Now's the time to get it if you have any plans to play it.

    Last edited 02/01/14 1:11 pm

    I was really worried i was going to cry when i saw season 2 of the walking dead up there and not being able to buy it - then i saw it's only 25% off, so it's not that big a deal.

      I was feeling that way about Wolf Among Us, but then I bought it anyway, and was like... omg, three playthroughs in rapid succession.

        That game also looks bloody amazing.

    Got Walking Dead Season 2, the only thing I hate is that now I'll have to wait a hideously long time between episodes ala Wolf Among Us but hopefully they'll fill eachother's gaps

    Arma 2 is on Flash Sale, worth picking the Combined Operations pack up for $5 if you're interested in trying DayZ before getting SA

    Just Cause 2 for $2.99, that's insane considering how great a game it is. Especially with Multiplayer now out.

    >not already owning VVVVVV
    Mark what have you even been doing these last years
    Next you'll tell us you haven't bought Thomas was alone yet

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