Your Iron Man Suit Is Not Racist, Don Cheadle

On last night's episode of Conan, Iron Man 2 and 3 co-star Don "Rhodey" Cheadle complained about the weight of his Iron Patriot suit compared to Robert Downey Jr's light and comfortable Iron Man armour. Is this power armour racism? Of course not.

The difference in weight can easily be explained. Tony Stark's armour is powered by the arc reactor embedded in his chest. Cheadle Man's armour requires an external power source, hence the extra-added weight.

"But Fahey, in real-life neither of them have an arc reactor in their chests." Let me stop you right there.

*leaves the room, doesn't come back*


    Why is the clip about Kristin Bell, and not related to the article?

      While i do like Kristin bell, I was sort of wanting to watch him complain about ironman.

    And there is all the extra Hammertech crap hanging off it, that's gotta add some kgs.

    Having found the original clip, it's very clear the racism comment was a joke

    Cheadles one also has a lot more weapons and parts, Downeys was very streamlined. Gawd.

    The Iron Man suit in 3 does not use the chest arc reactor... obviously, given it was modular and all parts could function separately... and Pepper could operate it. And as mentioned above the Iron Patriot/War Machine armor is a heavily armed tank versus the Iron Man's maneuverability & versatility.

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    I just don't understand how Terrance Howard magically becomes Don Cheadle.

      Tanning beds.

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