Zombies Throw Dance Party To Celebrate 1,000,000 DayZ Survivors

Zombies Throw Dance Party To Celebrate 1,000,000 DayZ Survivors

Yesterday, zombie survival sim DayZ hit one million players, and the zombie population couldn't be happier.

Actually, they're not happy at all. They're being forced to do this — by none other than Viktor Kostik, the lead animator of DayZ, who decided to throw together a short dance video to celebrate this milestone in the game's history. Give it a watch below.

DayZ Has 1,000,000 Survivors and Zombies Celebrate [vkane24@YouTube] 1 Million Players! [r/dayz]


    This is the first DayZ video I have seen that has zombies in it :D

      Zombies in DayZ is like Herobine in Minecraft. Are they actually in the game's code? Has anyone ever really seen one? "My big brothers friend said he saw one once, but it was dark and only from the corner of his eye". Heresay and rumours 'plague' the validity of Zombies, until one day we'll get a patch that finally notes the removal of these elusive creatures

    The only useful melee weapon is the Fire Axe which is a one hit KO.

      The only useful way to use said axe, is to circle strafe around the zombie, swinging wildly. The zombie keeps trying to re-orient itself but cannot attack as it has to be standing still to attack. I've killed clusters of 5 zombies like this without even being touched.

        That might save me a few dozen rags :)

          Easiest way to describe it is this. Keep A or D held and move the mouse so it rotates you around the zombie. (Circle strafing obviously lol) Just being clear on what I meant. :) Happy hunting! Will save you a LOAD of ammo too in the long run.

            I only found out a few days ago how to do saline bag transfusions to restore your health which is quite useful. Thing is another player has to do it :)

              Yep. Blood transfers do it as well, but better. Quite often, find a new player who has nothing to lose, get blood test kits, and find out if they're the same blood type as you. Make a deal with them to drain them of blood and share the bags with them. Usually it's a deal people keep as blood bags will rejuvenate you completely. You can drain someone with a blood bag kit, but to put it into you, you need an IV kit, a blood bag (use them together) and then someone to administer it to you.

    They should of done a remake of the closing credits of Boy.

    I kinda expected to see a naked guy running and screaming through the middle.

    Could this be an insight into what the zombie hordes look like? Obviously without the dancing.

    What's the hacking issue like in dayZ these days? I stopped playing a year ago after the only people I'd ever come across were hackers, either spawning loot and handing it out to players or teleporting players into the air to break legs/kill.

      Dude, this is the standalone. It is tied to Steam VAC system and Battle eye. I have seen NO hacking (Telelporting, spawning items etc) it is awesome.

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