10 Awesome Anime Openings And Endings From Q2 2014

10 Awesome Anime Openings and Endings from Winter 2014

I love anime music. Long before I even took my first Japanese class, I was rocking out to anime theme songs. And as we have 47 new anime this season, that means we also have 47 new openings and endings — and that's even without the new second half themes from last season's anime that are still on the air.

So below are some of my favourite opening and ending songs from the anime that are currently airing during the winter 2014 season in Japan.

Anime: Kill la Kill Song: ambiguous Artist: GARNiDELiA Why do I love it?:?: This music truly fits the animation and sets the mood for the absurd awesomeness that is Kill la Kill. In other words, it has an epic battle where the two rivals fight upon the bodies of hundreds of vanquished minions.

Anime: Witch Craft Works Song: Witch☆Activity Artist: KMM DAN Why do I love it?: There is just something hilarious about chibi evil witches singing an insanely cute and catchy song while being tortured in horrible ways.

Anime: Nobunagun Song: Respect for the Dead Man Artist: Pay money To my Pain Why do I love it?: The excellently stylised animation that introduces the cast is made all the better by music that gets you amped up for some serious giant monster slaying — and this is coming from a person who hates death growl singing.

Anime: Magical Warfare Song: Born to Be Artist: Nano Why do I love it?: This ending was clearly animated with the song in mind and has a chorus that I really enjoy. And what can I say? I have a thing for awesome altos.

Anime: Tonari No Seki-Kun Song: Set Them Free Artist: Akira Jimbo Why do I love it?: It's a big-band style song played on school supply percussion instruments — and watching Rumi start to rock out before catching herself makes this feel like a mini-episode of the show rather than just a song.

Anime: World Conquest Zvezda Plot Song: Be mine! Artist: Maaya Sakamoto Why do I love it?: Sometimes I just like some classic happy j-pop sung by one of anime music's greatest stars: Final Fantasy XIII's own Lightning, Maaya Sakamoto.

Anime: The Pilot's Love Song Song: azurite Artist: petit milady Why do I love it?: It's an adventurous song with a soaring melody perfect for an anime about flying and dog-fighting air battles.

Anime: Noragami Song: Goya no Machiawase Artist: Hello Sleepwalkers Why do I love It?: It's a good solid j-rock song with catchy vocals and a singer with a great sounding — but not overused — falsetto.

Anime: Wizard Barristers Song: JUSTITIA Artist: Lia Why do I Love It?: It's an exciting yet uplifting song set to some of the most beautiful animation this season.

Anime: Silver Spoon Song: Oto no Naru Ho e Artist: Goose house Why I love it?: It's a song you can't help but sing along with and its message matches the thematic arc of the series itself. Also, the beautiful water-colour art of the characters makes it an ending I love to watch every time.

So those are my favourite songs; but that begs one question: What are your favourite openings and endings for the anime currently airing this season?


    Space Dandy omitted again because the author hates it,

    Last edited 26/02/14 7:21 pm

      I can understand the Japanese one, but the English version is very average.

      EDIT: Noragami probably one of my favourites.

      Last edited 26/02/14 7:58 pm

        It's the same opening and ending in both the subbed and dubbed versions, isn't it? The only difference is the small forward that takes place before the opening song itself. The songs themselves are all in Japanese, regardless of how you watch the show.

          Nahhh, each version has a localised narator.

            That's exactly what I said. The forward that occurs BEFORE the opening has a localised narrator, and obviously the episodes themselves are dubbed, but the opening and closing songs (which is what we're talking about here) are still in Japanese.

            *Edit* Wow, it turns out the Toonami airings have replaced the opening and closing numbers, and they're frankly terrible. The regular Funimation dub uses the original opening and closing numbers. My apologies.

            Last edited 27/02/14 3:42 pm

      Space Dandy should pretty much be at the top of any such list.

    Im dissapointed at how bad most of this seasons anime are.

    So... what's with the two video's that weren't YouTube videos? They lagged like hell, and I have no idea why you would post anything BUT YT videos

    I still can't get sweet melty love out of my head xD

    Come on, where is Gundam Build Fighters OP2, that thing is amazing

    Along with Kill la Kill's new opening Yowamushi Pedal's new OP/ED are both amazing as well.

    Also Mikakunin de Shinkoukei's OP/ED being my favourites that I won't admit to anyone in real life.

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