16-Bit Gaming Lives

Here's the latest trailer for Chasm, the Diablolike Metroidlike Castlevanialike Zeldalike retro-ish indie platformer for PC. It shows off the Catacombs level and is basically 30 seconds of pure awesome. Go watch it.

And maybe check out the new website for more info.


    30 seconds of pure awesome? Wow aren't we exaggerating.

    Got excited about this when it first popped up on Steam Greenlight. I'm trying to ignore all other news until a date and price are finally revealed.

    Is it just me or does it look like Blackthorne?
    Still Looks awesome though

    I'm a little confused by the last bit. Is 'steam free'now a selling point?

    Reminds me more of Zeliard than anything else.

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