30 Seconds Of InFamous: Second Son Gameplay Is Nowhere Near Enough...

I managed to get some hands on time with InFamous: Second Son earlier this month, and enjoyed my time with it. It's one of the first 'proper' games for the PS4, in that it's been built from the ground up with next-generation tech, so I'm pretty excited about that.

This 30 second teaser trailer is nowhere near enough to give you any idea of what the game will play like, but it does provide some idea of what you can expect: super powers, super strenght, super speed. TL;DR: stuff that is super.

Despite their flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed the InFamous series on PlayStation 3 — I particularly enjoyed the fact the game's environment felt tailor-made to suit your abilities. I hope that design mentality filters through to Second Son. I have no reason to believe it won't!


    Isn't this the same footage we've been seeing for 6 months?

      Yeah just with Mudhoney instead of Nirvana... really should've used new footage *shrug*

      Either way the games gonna be awesome.

        I'll risk a down vote too, because the game does indeed look awesome.
        Seriously, though, down voted because you're excited about a game?

          @coolhandluke is pissed because of a different thread. He's obviously spiteful and on a downvote rampage against me lol. Check out the second son article from the other day, I made a joke about the xbox one and he shat bricks over it. Was a joke about the video being in 720p and he decided to go all xbox one vs ps4 fanboy all over it. To loosely quote the great Kirk Lazarus from Tropic thunder "He went full retard. You never go full retard..."

          Last edited 26/02/14 2:56 am

            I wish they didnt moderate my reply to all that. I believe you when you say your joking but most people aren't, they honestly believe the console outputs at 720p and i just think its unfair to say that. I dont know why it bothers me to be honest, i can just ignore it all. I think im going to go for a walk now.

              Ok, no worries, now we move on and have a great day!

    I've never really cared too much about the Infamous series. It just isn't as appealing to me as playing as a recognized hero like Spider Man.

    Infamous ss looks amazing cant wait to start shooting fireballs in march :) have been looking forward to it since the game was revealed :)

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