48% Of PlayStation Vita Games Sales Are Digital

The PlayStation Vita is a complicated console. Is it successful? Is it in need of rescue. One thing is for sure, it’s an interesting experiment. IGN has reported that 48% of game sales on the PlayStation Vita have been digital. An incredible number.

And it’s a number that could speak to several things: is it a result of the poor penetration the device has at retail? Is it because it’s a future facing console that makes online purchasing easy and accessible? Maybe.

Is it because the PlayStation Vita’s best games are all online only? That’s a big possibility. Is it because PlayStation Vita owners tend to be early adopters who love new technology? I’d argue that’s a major factor.

Speaking personally, I only play digital games on my PlayStation Vita. For me it’s an in-case-you-missed-it machine — a great outlet for portable indie games I didn’t get the chance to play on the PC. Games like Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Proteus. I’ve enjoyed playing them on PS Vita. Then there are other great titles available: Sound Shapes, OlliOlli — these are digital only titles. The initial selling point of the Vita was that it would become a portable PlayStation 3 that could play major AAA titles. The reality is, the PlayStation Vita has found its niche in other areas.

Sony Talks PS Vita, Reveals New Statistics [IGN]

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