A DayZ Flow Chart That Tells The Whole Truth

A DayZ Flow Chart That Tells The Whole Truth

You’ll die a lot in DayZ. After a (hopefully) successful respawn, you have to go through the same routine: Run for hours, survive until you find something useful, head to your favourite location for military gear, and, if you’re still alive, with guns and enough ammo in your pocket you might finally feel safe.

Here’s the whole process in the form of a flowchart by TK. It’s pretty accurate — you can see it takes a lot of time to finally engage in a firefight (make sure to left click to enlarge):

Basic DayZ Flow Chart [Steam Community]


  • My Flow chart is similar but includes finally getting fully kitted then getting shot in the back every time.

  • I played a game of Arma III last night with a couple mates. We played the mission “Pygros Assault”, one of the sample missions for the mod, ALiVE. We played the mission on Elite difficulty (reduced HUD, no map markers, no 3rd-person) from 9pm to 1am and racked up a total kill count of 250+ confirmed kills. It was super rad.

    The flow chart for our game was way more fun than this one. Glad to not be playing DayZ.

  • “Head North for Military Loot -> Are there any Players here -> Yes -> Yes -> Spawn”

    I love this assumption that you’re never the one who kills the bandits up North

      • Most probably — Although I like my theory… especially given that I don’t think I’ve ever encountered another player up north & survived lol

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