A Fully Automatic Assault Rifle At 18,000 Frames Per Second

A Fully Automatic Assault Rifle At 18,000 Frames Per Second

Gamers have fired billions of rounds out of virtual automatic weapons over the years, but have we ever paused to ponder the marvellous machinery that makes it all happen? The Slow Mo Guys have us covered.


    does it say "gay" on his shirt 1:58

      His name is Gavin, shortened to "Gav", but the font makes it look like it says "Gay".

        thought so, but i also thought it may be a joke between them or something

    Should I expect an article on spoons or bookcases aswell since they are also in videogames ?

      Sure, if spoons and/or bookcases do something interesting that is only visible when viewed in slow motion...

    Not enough frames per seconds.
    That resolution is awful as well :P

      In order to get a higher framerate, they would have had to reduce the resolution even further.

      Looks fine to me, though you're right, they shot this with a different camera that couldn't handle 1080 like they usually shoot in. Still decent res. Frame rate is fine though. Any slower and you'd be watching nothing.

      By the way, like they say in the comments, it's not about seeing the bullets, it's about the mechanics of the gun itself.

    You can definitely tell which one has had military training.

    Love this series. Glad Rooster Teeth officially picked them up last year.

    I was under the impression automatic assault rifles were banned in the USA... a quick google shows that the federal law expired and they keep failing to re-instate it. I guess it's a state-by-state thing now. Most rifles you see on youtube etc are semi-automatic only.

      It varies by state, but Texas (where they are) allows full-auto weapons, suppressors (silencers), and short barreled rifles and shotguns, but you have to have a Class III weapons permit.

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