A Game About What Zelda Does While Waiting For Link To Save Hyrule

Well this is an interesting idea that speaks to the heart of the damsel in distress trope: what the hell does Zelda do when she's waiting for Link to save Hyrule? Most of the time she's locked up in some sort of contraption, or frozen in a crystal or somethng, but in a Link to the Past there is a period of time where she just sort of waits in the Sanctuary doing nothing. Or so we thought...

Adventures of Zelda is a game about what Zelda does in the period of time when she's just sort of standing in one spot waiting for Link to do stuff.

Described as a 're-imagining' of A Link to the Past, creator Stacey Mason calls Adventures of Zelda an "interactive art experience" that "examines the role of women in games and the game industry through its protagonist’s unfulfilled desires".

You can find out more about the project (and Stacey's other work) at her website.


    Should've called it; 'Link: Adventures of Zelda'.

    In recent Zelda games (well, recent being since OoT) Zelda has actually played an active role in most of them. She was Shiek in OoT, she was one of the pirates in Wind Waker, and she acts as a guide and mentor in Skyward Sword (up until the point she goes to sleep, anyway). She didn't have much of a role in Twilight Princess upon reflection though.

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      ...spoilers? wth!

        They are all reasonably old games now, sorry but I figured most who wanted to play them by now would have.

      Start OoT 3D a few days ago after never being fortunate enough to play it.

      Considered a spoiler warning at all?

    Sounds very Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Ate Dead to me. And I like that play, so this sounds interesting.

      What you just wrote sounds like a Shakespearian zombie play.

    Have you guys seen Breaking Bad: Walter Jr.'s quest?

    Press B to eat Breakfast.

    Should do one for Princess Peach too. What does she do with her time while locked up in Bowser's tower?

      That probably wouldn't be safe for work. Bowser probably doesn't spend all his time waiting in the boss room; he would sometime move to the bedroom. The question to then ask is, 'is it consensual?'

      They do that in the Mario RPG's like Paper Mario. She's locked up in the castle and you use her to snoop around and advanced the storyline

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