A Journey Through Bootleg Pokémon Games

JonTron has made a career out of playing terrible games so you don't have to. Which is great, because how else were we going to sit through these awful, bootleg Pokémon titles and crack jokes? This is practically charity.

Spanning several Nintendo consoles and handhelds, there have been quite a few awful cash-ins on the Pokémon franchise over the years. I have to commend JonTron's patience in playing through them all, though, because I think I would have just quit at the Pac-Man/Pikachu crossover.


    a few years back, i bought Pokemon Dark Cry from my local markets, it was definitely an M15+ rated game lol
    Was very fun to play and had a few unique twists which i enjoyed
    but it came with the best official fake box, manual and cartridge
    "Hi, Im Prof Oak, Who the F*** are you?!"

    I don't think they're all bad... I'm playing MoeMon and I think it's really cute. I've had a few heart attacks throughout the game, especially with caterpie.

      well seeing as it's just a creepy sprite hack and seemingly no gameplay is changed...

      it's just creepy...

      How would one get ahold of this, were they curious about the mix of Moe characters with Pokemon. *shuffles her Gundam Girls collection out of the camera frame*

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