Travelling At The Speed Of Truck... In DayZ

A minor, but helpful glitch can boost your otherwise slow and sometimes tedious travel speed in DayZ. Try to reload your weapon while crawling and get ready to travel at the speed of light... or at least at the speed of a truck.

Ready... Set... Go!!!! [Steam Community]


    I call bullshit. Tried it, didn't work. Looks more like a speedhack.

    Did anyone else notice that the camera man seems to be going at an extreme speed aswell? I agree with Weresmurf, This looks like a speedhack.

      Yeah, the running player is moving too quick for the sprint

    This is looks like a much better way to roll.

    Even if it did work, it would count as glitching and could potentially get you into trouble. Many servers enforce bans for exploiting in game bugs such as these.

      Yeah, but it would be helpful for walking all those looonnng, loooonng distances.

        Definitely! I still wouldn't risk it though. Can't wait for vehicles.

      This is an alpha, you will not be banned for glitching, you are a tester, it is your job to find these types of bugs mate.

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