A New Tony Hawk's Game Is In Development Says... Tony Hawk

And you think he'd probably know.

After plummeting from critically acclaimed masterpiece to public whipping boy over the course of a decade, the Tony Hawk's series went on somewhat of a hiatus. It was probably the one-two nut punch of Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred that did it. Terrible peripheral. Terrible idea. Terrible game.

But now Tony Hawk himself has said that a new Tony Hawk's game is in development and I'm curiously curious. I am thinking to myself, 'it's time'. Time for a new Tony Hawk game, time for it to be good again.

Also — it's been a goddamn long time since I've played a video game about skateboarding.

“We’re working on a game, we are working on a game, it's pretty cool.”

That's all Tony Hawk said on his Demolition Radio show. He also made reference to a body suit, which is a little worrying, but the takeaway is this: we will have a Tony Hawk game at some point down the road. I really, really hope it isn't terrible.

Tony Hawk: 'We Are Working on a New Game' [IGN]


    Always meant to pick up a copy of Ride, just to add to the peripherals collection. Never ended up spotting it while it was Why Not cheap though :P

    fool me once shame on hawk. fool me twice shame on me. don't think ill be touching this one with a 10 foot pole.

    If EA aren't going to do anything with Skate I want him to Just steal Skate and add Tony Hawk to the label.

      Agreed, the skate system was very refreshing after 10 iterations of the same shit. Don't get me wrong I've played every TH game since the first one on PS and I've thrashed them all. Towards the end (and especially in contrast to skate) TH just started feeling way too hypo and arcadey.

      The first couple of times you landed grinds and sweet flips with skate you felt so rewarded.... man I think I'm going to fire it up this weekend, great memories.

        Yeah. I spent hours on the demo alone. As much as I enjoyed the Tony Hawk games skate was just perfect for me. It was just a really open world where you've got a skill set to do whatever you want with. I know there was a story mode and all that, but it still feels totally free form to me.

    Just make Skate 4 for the new consoles and I'll pay a bucketload for it.

    It's probably a kinect game...

    I still love THPS2. I just dig that out when I want a quick fix.

    AWWW YISSSSS, get me some Tony Hawk all up on my PS4, with delicious graphics/physics. :D

    hell yes, so pumped for this!
    I say bring it on!

    just need to know if this is gonna be like THPS2 or P8, very diff skate styles between them

    All they had to do was include splitscreen multiplayer in Tony Hawk HD and it would have been perfect...

    Last edited 21/02/14 11:36 am

      Yup. That was the biggest disappointment. I just want a new game that lets go of realism in favour of insane combos and crazy tricks

    I must be one of the few people excited about this. Long live the Birdman!

    Last edited 21/02/14 12:02 pm

    I don't know why, but I feel like these days they wouldn't be able to nail the soundtrack like the good old days. Music these days just isn't as good. VIVA LA 90s!

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