A Petition To Change The US National Anthem To...Guile's Theme

A Petition To Change The US National Anthem To...Guile's Theme

OK, take your usual cynicism for online petitions and give it a rest for a day. Here's something we can all get behind, even if you're like me and not even an American.

A petition has begun on the White House site to change the American national anthem to Guile's Theme. Unlike most internet petitions, which can and should be ignored, the cool thing about these ones is that if they hit 100,000 signatures, someone has to at least look at it before it goes in the bin.

Which it will, but until then, let us dream of a day ball games are begun not with a homage to the War of 1812, but to a family man with impossible hair.

It's a worthy sentiment. Though really, if change is on the table, can't we get it changed to this instead?

[via Gamefreaks]


    Maybe they should give the song to Coke to make an ad with.

    Does Guile's theme have words?

      Sing it like so:


      The German national anthem officially doesn't have words iirc. (It is to the same tune as an earlier German national anthem that did have words)

    Can't we just make it this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfmrHTdXgK4

    "The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation."

    The petition exceeded the maximum allowable level of awesome.

    Last edited 10/02/14 3:02 pm

    Embedding disable request!! LOL the NSA are onto them ha ha ha

    Guile's theme goes with everything. Including Guile's theme.

    I hate to be a cranky old dude, but if people want the right to be heard and be taken seriously, it doesn't help when people treat these kinds of services as a joke and use them for pranks.

    I feel like I'm missing out by thinking this meme isn't funny. And I think everything is funny. :(

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