A Simple Game That Can Teach You About Design

I never really understood complimentary colours, which makes sense, because I did horribly on that section of Colour. It's an incredibly simple game that will drive you mad trying to get a perfect score.

Colour is from Method of Action, who host a course called Design For Programmers. As you might imagine, the course attempts to teach design concepts to "analytic and logical thinkers". It seems like Codecademy for design, and I can only assume it was created with the hope of reducing the number of "make me a logo for free" requests designers get. If the entire site is as engaging as Colour, they might actually achieve it.

Oh, and if you're colour-blind, don't worry! They have a colour-blind mode, as well as tablet support!

Colour via Rock, Paper, Shotgun


    8.0 first go, although i did mis-click once or twice.

      8.9 second time.

      Great now i'm obsessed.

    I'm a graphic designer though, so that probably helps.

    I got a 9.8 (11/10/8/11/10/9) on my first attempt, probably lost a lot of points just trying to figure out which arc belonged to which marker.

    Last edited 03/02/14 5:52 pm

    I dont see how this uses analysis or logic at all. I just moved my mouse around until it matched. There wasn't any deduction, just pure eyesight.

      Well, if you click on the colour wheel exactly where you think the matching colour will be, then you get a good idea how far off your initial estimate was. If you work with colour all day (I am a colourist) then you will probably get it faster. I got 10.3 (11/10/10/11/10/10) on my first go.
      Now I am obsessed to go back and try for a perfect score. There goes today's productivity....

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