Action Henk Is A Mix Between Super Meat Boy And Unirally And You Can Play It Right Now

When I was a kid I bloody loved Unirally. It's beyond me why no-one's made a sequel or, at the very least, a game very similar to Unirally. Action Henk is in development and it may be the closest thing to it. Imagine Unirally crossed with Super Meat Boy crossed with Trials — that's Action Henk.

Action Henk is the debut game from newly formed Dutch studio RageSquid and it's one of those games that you play and it instantly feels good. I love the core mechanics of it — skid down hills, maintain momentum, gain speed. It's just a great little game.

You can actually play the first three levels of the game, which is still in alpha, here. I totally recommend that you do.


    Unirally was the best! I can't even remember what I played it on... SNES I think...

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