Adventure Time Creator Has Four Game Ideas For Double Fine

Adventure Time Creator Has Four Game Ideas For Double Fine

Pen Ward's been involved in a couple of games in some way or another, but never quite like this. Thanks to Double Fine's two-week-long game jam — Amnesia Fortnight, aka the reason why Double Fine made Costume Quest, Stacking and others — you'll get to vote on several pitches to see which the developers will prototype, four of which belong to Pen. Internet, you know what to do.

Here are all four of Pen's game ideas, coupled with his sketches:

Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp, Pitch # 1

"Cupid can make anyone fall in love with anything!"

Damnit Jerry, Pitch # 2

"Help Jerry climb human pyramids to please the king."

No More McDonalds, Pitch # 3

"A zombie game where you can do crazy stuff!"

Little Pink Best Buds, Pitch # 4

"Uncover the mystery of the little pink dudes who all want to be your friend."


You can also watch the full game jam introduction featuring Tim Schafer right here:

And, finally, here are the details of the jam in case you wanted to know how to get involved, courtesy of Double Fine:

Members of the public can now pay any amount for the chance to vote on dozens of ideas pitched by Double Fine staff members, with the top-ranked choices becoming two-week PC prototypes playable by contributors. Contributors decide the percentage that will go to charity.

Buyers who beat the pay-what-you-want average will also get to vote for their favourite idea contributed by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, who will be serving as a project lead on site at Double Fine over the course of the two-week jam.

The whole jam will be chronicled in a video documentary created by 2 Player Productions, the team behind the Kickstarter-funded Double Fine Adventure documentary as well as 2012's Amnesia Fortnight documentary.


    I'm a pretty big Tim Schafer fan from his time at LucasArts, but Double Fine seem like a bit of an unfocussed mess. Their games have an undeniable creativity behind them, but they lack the cohesion of games like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. Those games were funny and inventive but still felt tidy if that makes sense.

    Psychonauts and Brutal Legend had their moments but some of the design was a bit sloppy, like they had all these great ideas that they had to cram in somewhere even though they didn't necessarily improve the game. Bloat.

    I'm enjoying what I've played of Broken Age so far but I'm feeling as though Tim's best work is well behind him. Also might be the kind of guy who benefits from a bit of structure.

    not a fan of any of those tbh

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