Ah, So That's How First Person Shooters Work

Ah, So That's How First Person Shooters Work

Brendon Chung, creator of 30 Flights Of Loving, brings us this behind-the-scenes look at how first person shooters really work.

Ah, So That's How First Person Shooters Work

via @BlendoGames


    You mean, how first person perspectives in movies work? And you know, since there's only Doom and a couple other examples, you could list those too.

    Wow, did I just write the article for you?

      It pretty clearly says 'first person shooters'. The animatronic arms are for when you cycle through weapons. The jam is for when you get shot and the screen goes red.

        Surely you've seen Tron @stickman? This is how they do! You send the commands this guy does the work.. simples.

      Please, come back and re-read the article properly. Then wallow in your shame.
      .. Ok we will spell it out - it's a joke image. The joke, see, is 'how 3d shooters work'. So, you see, the joke is that 3d shooters are made by that camera operating guy there, steering you about, you control the arms, the jam is blood splatter when you are hit.
      Oh and the camera is your perspective. When you are playing the game.
      The important thing to remember is its a joke. A joke about 3d games. About fps games specifically. And not about movies.

    I think that picture is missing an animatronic arm with a boxing glove. Just saying. :P

    haha that's pretty good
    Only thing I thinks missing is a massive off screen pile of ammo for all your different weapons; grenades, rpg's, sniper rounds, assault rifle clips, sub machine gun clips pistol clips, shotgun rounds, etc

    That's always how I imagined Gordon Freeman actually looks. Except instead of a cameraman operating a rig, the camera would be built into a cutesy Portal-style hoverdroid. With glasses.

    All it needs is a transparent sheet of plastic hanging by a thread in front of the camera to emulate the HUD and this is complete!

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