All The New Features In Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

HD visuals, new dress-spheres, a crazy new tower dungeon in which every action is turn-based... these are the new features in the upcoming remakes of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, which are out on March 18 for PS3 and Vita.

Really, the only thing not to be excited about here is that you have to buy the game twice if you want it on both systems. Square Enix is offering cross-play, but not cross-buy. So you can transfer saves between platforms, but only if you own both copies. Weak.


    They should have added in Spoony's reviews for added value.

      I loved the bit about the barkeep

    Is there a Japanese track with subs option?? >_>

    EDIT: Success! There is! Now to find out when vita slim releases

    Last edited 20/02/14 1:30 pm

      Oh good! You can experience the laughing scene in Japanese that is somehow worse then the English dub.

        If by "somehow", you mean" the exact intention of the script writer and voice director", which would be obvious to anyone who actually PLAYED the game and listened to the preceding lines instead of getting their recording devices/friends over to laugh at "the voice actors who cant laugh" and not only miss the fact that it was supposed to sound fake, but genuine laughter that occurs directly after.

    Crap, I really want this now. I heart the X-2 ATB system....

    is this all in the vita version as well?

    Give me my FF7 remake already fuckers

      A remake would take them 5-10 years to make (FFXV is a good example). Also, all the people with their nostalgia goggles will probably hate the game because of the inevitable changes.

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