Arise, Transformers: Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime

Arise, Transformers: Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime

While everyone was busy politely arguing over the teaser trailer for Transformers 4: Dino Riders, Hasbro put the first toy for the fourth film in the franchise up for sale. What do you think of Transformers: Age of Extinction First Edition Optimus Prime?

This version of the Autobot leader, available in limited quantity through Amazon for $US59.99, continues the movie figures' proud tradition of a robot with a truck cab backpack. His skin is crammed with tiny details, which helps draw attention away from the obvious truck bits.

Arise, Transformers: Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime

I'm a little put off by the fact that the figure has alien insect feet paired with sculpted humanoid sword-holding hands. If we're going to evolve human features we should really commit from head-to-toe. The movie bots have shown amazing versatility as far as the items they can transform into, so why not just reformat their bodies into something a bit less alien?

I tell you why. Pride. Hubris. Trucks.

Arise, Transformers: Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime

That's fine vehicle form, really — there's no looking at that and thinking it's anything other than a truck with a blazing shield strapped on the back.

I like to poke fun at the Michael Bay movies, but I've grown to appreciation this form of Optimus Prime, even if I haven't enjoyed the films and tend to avoid the toys. To an entire generation, this is sort of what Optimus Prime looks like, if you squint realy hard.

Arise, Transformers: Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime

Transformers: Age of Extinction First Edition Optimus Prime is a figure no dedicated Transformers collector should miss. That's because Hasbro decided this special edition is number 14 of the "Thrilling 30" line of 30th anniversary celebration 'bots.

Should I bite the bullet and buy, or give up my dream of collecting all 30 figures?


    looks like shit

      It's not just that it looks bad, but it looks nothing like the advertised toy. I know 'artistic license' is used to handwave away the worst of it, but there difference between the drab bley parts and the chromed torso is jarring as hell. It's also clear that the actual toy has far inferior paint apps.

        these movie transformers are shitty shellformers anyway. what makes a transformer for me is the integrated vehicle parts on the robot body, optimus' pecs should be windows. this is a shitass robot with a truck stuck to it's back.

          Some, sure. But Transformers 2's ROTF Leader-Class Optimus Prime was actually one of the most well-engineered Transformers ever made. Every little bit was used, there was minimal backpack or shell-forming. The transformation was more complex than most masterpiece figures. This though... this is just a flaming turd.

    Great, they kill the 'First Edition' line of Transformers Prime toys, then resurrect it for this abortion :(

    That looks incredibly poorly made, like bargain bin at the reject shop crap. Ill stick with my gundam master grade.

      I'll trade you 1 mila kunis and 2 Norris fingers for that

    bay should have looked towards the masterpiece line for inspiration

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