Jeopardy 'Villain' Arthur Chu Makes Another Appearance

Controversial Jeopardy contestant Arthur Chu and his unorthodox strategies turned up again on tonight's Jeopardy.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Jeopardy follow.

How'd he do? Chu finished in first place on tonight's show, bringing his total earnings over five days to $US123,600. You can watch him take the win in the clip above.

In tonight's Final Jeopardy, Chu stood apart by having a different (but still wrong) answer than the other two contestants, but still managed to comfortably sail across the finish line in first place. It'll be fun to see if his crafty strategies can continue to bring him victories in the days ahead. We're rooting for you, Arthur.

If you'd like to know more about Chu and his Jeopardy philosophy, check out our profile.

Note: An earlier version of this story had Chu's victory in the headline, since I didn't consider that the show hadn't aired in all timezones. Sincere apologies to anyone who was spoiled on the episode's outcome; we'll be more careful about spoilers as we follow his progress going forward.


    He's playing the game with in the rules, just because he thinks outside the box doesn't make him a cheat.

    You spelt Hero wrong.

      No you spelled Hiro wrong

    I reckon he spent some serious time on that smug look that he's cultivated, I love it.

    didn't that guy who won a lot said that his strategy is actually NOT unorthodox?

      Didn't see anything to that effect, but haven't been following it.

      Wouldn't be surprised, though, if it turns out that folks who win did so due to unconsciously adopting elements of the strategy, or knowingly following it but not so openly and unabashedly.

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