As Close To A New Game Boy Game As We’re Going To Get

As Close To A New Game Boy Game As We’re Going To Get
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I miss the days of dash attacks, the platformers of yesteryear. I miss Rocket Knight Adventure, and Mischief Makers. Lucky for me, The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight scratches that itch.

In the video above, I play the “shareware” demo of The Joylancer, a retro-platformer that harkens back to the days of Gameboy and the 16-bit Era. It’s definitely worth checking out the demo now, and checking back in when it comes out on 25 February 2014. You can download the demo or pre-order it here.


  • I think I’m finally past all these ‘retro’ games now. So many have been released, especially by indies, that I desire it no more and I’m basically just over it. XD

    • Agree. Ill also add that I think indie is an oversaturated market which just kills any potential for serious mobile game development. I bet most indie devs wouldnt even play the shit they make

    • I cant get enough of them. I’ve had my fill of FPS games for my lifetime, so these kind of games cater directly to me. Different strokes for different folks, I guess, but these indie games don’t affect your quality of life, do they? I don’t reckon they do, so I don’t see the harm in them. I’m not trying to be a dick or anything either! So sorry if I come across that way. It’s just that most of these games are the ones I tend to look forward to the most 🙂

      • I never said that others couldn’t enjoy it or anything, I was saying that I personally am done with them. You guys can enjoy them all you want. That’s good for you. What I’m saying is that I’m done. XD

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