At Last, Megatron Transforms Into A Sega Mega Drive

At Last, Megatron Transforms Into a Sega Mega Drive

Megatron. Mega Drive. Such a simple concept, how come it has taken 25 years to get these two together?

This limited edition figure, by Takara Tomy, will be shown at today's Winter Wonder Festival in Japan. The biannual convention showcases the latest in toys, action figures, figurines and the like. Sega itself heralded the coming of Mega Drive Megatron onits Twitter account yesterday. "Mega Drive is transformed into Megatron!" reads the translated Tweet.

Here's a shot of Megatron/Drive at the booth.

At Last, Megatron Transforms Into a Sega Mega Drive

It is a smaller and, of course, not a functioning console — though it does appear (from the image Sega tweeted, and the one in the booth) that Megatron's right hand is some sort of a USB device. No word yet on its availability, Western or otherwise.

Transformers Mega Drive Megatron Transforms Into A Sega Game Console []


    Disappointed that it doesn't work.
    I'm pretty sure we have the technology to make something that small play Megadrive games.

      I have a AT games megadrive the size of a MD cartridge. So yes.

      if they're struggling due to size constraints they could make one and call it 'Osega Supreme' - the rocket ship.

      Last edited 10/02/14 4:22 pm

    As my friend said to me yesterday when he showed this to me: When are we getting OptiNES Prime?

    I love Transformers and Consoles I'd totally buy a Console collection.

    Also I've seen a series of USB drives that Transform, I think Grimlock and Ravage off the top of my head.

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