At Least The Super Bowl Had One Good Moment: Jack Bauer

Today’s Super Bowl was brutal to watch, even if you’re a Seahawks fan (ok, maybe not if you’re a Seahawks fan) — but at least there was one moment worth watching: Jack Bauer’s first TV appearance since 2010, in this new teaser for 24: Live Another Day.

Yep, the new Snake is returning to the role that made him iconic; 24 is getting a 12-episode series in May, and I for one cannot wait to watch Jack Bauer god-mode his way through the streets of London. Great new look for Chloe, too.


  • Out of all the TV spots and trailers this is the one Kotaku puts??? There was Need for Speed movie and a few superhero movies.

    Live Another Day has to be one of the worst subtitles since…ever.

    • 12 eps set over 24 hours. They’ll skip ahead from time to time until the important stuff apparently. No filler episodes or mountain lion antics.

      • So not “realtime” like the originals. Still its a break from the format. But yeah it did at times get a bit drawn and bad guy #1 was normally dead after 5-6 eps to reveal the next player etc.

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