At Least The Super Bowl Had One Good Moment: Jack Bauer

Today's Super Bowl was brutal to watch, even if you're a Seahawks fan (ok, maybe not if you're a Seahawks fan) — but at least there was one moment worth watching: Jack Bauer's first TV appearance since 2010, in this new teaser for 24: Live Another Day.

Yep, the new Snake is returning to the role that made him iconic; 24 is getting a 12-episode series in May, and I for one cannot wait to watch Jack Bauer god-mode his way through the streets of London. Great new look for Chloe, too.


    Was never a giant fan of the original series... but this intrigues me?

    Out of all the TV spots and trailers this is the one Kotaku puts??? There was Need for Speed movie and a few superhero movies.

    Live Another Day has to be one of the worst subtitles since...ever.

      For the return season of a show which covers the events of a single day over one season I'd say it's a pretty fucking good subtitle.

    Are these 2hr episodes? Else shouldn't the show be called 12?

      12 eps set over 24 hours. They'll skip ahead from time to time until the important stuff apparently. No filler episodes or mountain lion antics.

      Last edited 03/02/14 9:05 pm

        So not "realtime" like the originals. Still its a break from the format. But yeah it did at times get a bit drawn and bad guy #1 was normally dead after 5-6 eps to reveal the next player etc.

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