Finish XCOM: Enemy Within On Ironman With No Saves Or Deaths? This Is How It's Done


    I sometimes wonder if things like this are robbing the world of useful people (as you hover your mouse over the downvote button, hear me out). I mean years ago someone like this may have turned their attention and dedication to study, or reading, or pursuts that may have lead to something more. Now people are spending tens, hundreds, even thousands of hours playing computer games and modding and building stuff in Minecraft. How many vital cancer researchers, or peadatric surgeons have we lost to people that did stuff like this instead? I mean it may be close to none. Maybe these are at the level of people who wouldn't have done anything pre-computer age.
    Just a thought

      What makes you think that this guy or even people like him aren't surgeons or lawyers? Why do you automatically assume that he's not doing anything meaningful with his life? Maybe he's just spending all his downtime playing X-COM because he enjoys it, not because he has nothing else to do.

      Zemalf is working as a full time IT consultant. Don't judge a book by its cover.

    This guy sounds like he should have a VO role in Xcom. Props to him for completing Impossible Ironman as I'm struggling with chasing the An Army of Four achievement alone.

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