Australians Can Now Gamble On Their Own Super Street Fighter IV Matches

Australians Can Now Gamble On Their Own Super Street Fighter IV Matches

This can only be a bad thing.

Virgin Gaming is a service that essentially allows users to sign up and place real world bets on online games. Seems like a complete recipe for disaster to me, but hey, I’m not judging.

It’s an automatic service that does all the heavy lifting for you and automatically deposits the cash in the right player’s account.

It’s probably worth noting that gambling in video games is a bit of an odd issue. Dan Golding looked into this subject fairly extensively last year and found that it was relatively easy for underage gamers to access Virgin Gaming’s gambling mode from within FIFA 13, and South Australia’s Gambling Starts With Gaming campaign focused almost exclusively on the links between gambling and video games.

That campaign was eventually changed, with a tagline of ‘Gambling Is No Game’, but I can’t help but wonder if these services will raise the ire of a certain group of people. If it’s relatively easy for kids to access it, then maybe the service deserves the negative attention.

Regardless, if you are a responsible adult and you totally want to wager on a Super Street Fighter IV match, go crazy. Knock yourself out. Or don’t because then you’ll lose your money!


    • Yeah, this would be ridiculously easy to exploit by colluding with other gamers to fix the match.

      I wonder how they are going to get around that?

  • I don’t see how this is a bad thing. You seem to be assuming gambling=loosing money. This isn’t a pokey machine that is designed to take your money. It’s skill, not chance based. Also in regards to kids easily accessing this sort of thing. It’s the parents responsibility to supervise their children, no one else’s.

  • I think I misread the article. Is this a betting service for your own street fighter matches or just for placing bets while speculating?

  • This service is really good. If it can be extended to all sorts of games it could help minimise griefing and rage quitting as people would play differently if there is some finicial incentive. If the bets could be micro I would gladly wager to make it more likely to play against like minded people and less trolls.

    • Wouldn’t there also be more incentives to use glitches in games? What sort of recourse would you have if you lost your money in that situation?

      • That’s a good point because poker machines are quite well programmed and has continuous logging so if a fault occurs all previous stats are recorded. That saying I am king shit at SF.

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