Blacksmithing In The Elder Scrolls Online Is Complicated

In other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, blacksmithing involves find a forge in town and clicking about a bit. In The Elder Scrolls Online, you've got to kill some tigers first.

Well, you don't have to kill the tigers. You could probably just bypass them altogether and run for the dungeon entrance, or have someone else kill them. Either way, there are f***ing tigers involved in this process, which makes it 100 times better than its non-tigery counterparts.

Don't believe me? Brush your teeth. Now brush your teeth with tigers. I rest my case.


    They did this in WoW in 2005. There were special dark iron sets you could craft by fighting your way to the special forges in Blackrock Depths.

    All this says to me is that before I can craft some junk that I will out level in a few hours I need to wander out to the middle of nowhere and engage in the games sub par combat.

      you mean the wow that was good? that wasn't catering to ever single casual gamer out there?

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      ... You should probably consider that you just sound burned out on MMO's.. Since this is pretty much the theme of any MMO..

      It happens a lot with WoW players.. Doesn't mean you need to hate on every other MMO.

        Yeah but I feel like if you want to succeed in the MMO market you have to do something better than your competitor.

        They need to shake the "Generic MMO" feel that they have going on.

        You are right though, I am quite burned out from WoW but to put it in perspective I got enjoyment out of SWTOR all the way to the level cap where ESO felt so same same to what I have already done to death.

        I guess the story telling in SWTOR really carried it as the combat wasn't that great. Probably also because ESO is a fantasy MMO.

          As someone who just casually partakes in MMO's, I don't find this boring at all. Think of it like, you've never played WoW, and you liked Morrowind through to Skyrim, so this might be a better medium-life MMO for you than WoW or any other MMO that does many of the same things

          Well, if they do something different it stops being an mmo.

            Star Wars tried something different with its story telling so that was nice.

      I enjoyed the battle system in TES:O during my time in the beta weekend. I particularly enjoyed taking on bosses with several mates and the NPC for good measure. What about the combat did you not enjoy?

        It just feels slow compared to something like Skyrim, I don't know if it improves later on but the starting mobs took quite a bit more whackin than I felt they should.

      The sets you can craft give unique bonuses. You can always make lvl50 gear in this set provided you have the resources required

        This, pete didn't even watch the vid.

        The entire crafting system is rather unique

          I still wish an MMO would bring back the crafting system from SWG, or something of similar complexity. I loved SWG's crafting, and how you could genuinely be unique as a crafter instead of just spitting out mass-produced copies of exactly the same item every other crafter can make.

            I heard A LOT of good things about that system. So much so that I almost went and played it only to find out it had just closed everything down. Though I don't really remember the specifics.

            But as you stated I really wonder why more mmo's haven't invested in it. I would love nothing more than for MY wares to be unique. That I could create a BRAND and have it be recognised on my server as the best shit money can buy or something to that effect. Though now that i type this I'm pretty sure SWG had this or something darn similar.

            Have a look at "The Repopulation", you may just get your wish. It seems to have the crafting depth that SWG had. It's still in Alpha but as all the Ticks in the boxes for me.

    Crafting locations : WoW did this in Vanilla for BS in BRD (FR Gear and weapons) and Alch in BWL (Flasks)
    Set Bonuses for Crafting : Again WoW Vanilla, all the way to Pandas (LW, Tailor, BS all has different paths for different specs Dragonscale in LW for example)

    And no WoW didnt use to do it for casual gamers when it first came out, that was probably at the end of Wotlk or midway though Cata some might argue as the subs dropped dramatically at that time.

    What that article should have noted more was the ability to use the gear end game. From everything that ive seen they actually want you to use craftable gear end game

    this doesnt sound too different to skyrim really, which was pretty fun with all the leather braces and tanning rack stuff

      The alchemy system is quite similar to Skyrim too, which I really enjoyed when I tried it in the beta. It's one of those 'mix a few random things, see what comes out, learn a bit about the ingredients' things.

        See in the actual game (skyrim) I found this tedious, boring and aggravating. In an mmo however I find it strangely alluring as there is a possibility for something rather unique to be found/made that no one would have to share.

        I'm still waiting to play the BETA myself (xbox one version) My pc needs a GPU upgrade and Its hard to justify when i just bought both current gen consoles. So I haven't played it yet to see how it works specifically.

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